Rostek Rescue Systems

We offer a range of innovative rescue and access products to aid recovery of workers after a fall or in an emergency at height. 

Rostek UK Rescue SystemsThe diversity of our Rescue range ensures we can provide a solution for all types of rescue situations whilst keeping safety the top priority.

We offer a full range of accessories including pulleys, slings, rope levers, rope protectors, karabiners, rope clamps and rope grabs, addressing the many different requirements for rescue products and training.

Rescue MinEvac

A controlled rate of descent device for evacuation which is ideal for single person self-rescue from structures such as towers, wind turbines, masts, high bay lift trucks and cranes.

Rescue LiftEvac

A controlled rate of descent device that combines evacuation with raising and lowering of a worker or casualty, LiftEvac offers high levels of safety and maximum flexibility for all tall structure rescue situations

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