Rostek-UK Horizontal Lifeline Systems

 Horizontal Lifeline Systems through a combination of expert knowledge and practical experience with a range of products offers fully compliant, practical solutions for structures of all types, in all industries.

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Our roofsafe systems are designed to fix directly to roof sheets and offer fixings methods for all major roof types.

Systems can be either 8mm steel wire based with posts at up to 15m centres, or even rail based.

Our multisafe systems are designed to fix to structures, including walls, sofits, steelwork and through roofs into the main structure when fixing to the sheet is not an option.

Systems can be either 8mm steel wire based, 16mm rope based, or rail based.


When specifying Lifeline systems, Fall Restraint Systems should always be given priority over Fall Arrest Systems.

Fall Restraint - The system prevents the operative from reaching to roof edge or fall hazard completely.

Fall Arrest - the system allows the operative to physically fall from the roof, but will arrest the fall and leave the operative in a position where they require rescue.

The RoofSafe range offers a choice of solutions allowing you to effectively resolve the risks associated with roof work and maintenance when working at height.

RoofSafe Cable systems

The RoofSafe Cable system has been designed to complement the RoofSafe Anchor product range, taking advantage of the low system loads generated in the event of a fall. The system can accommodate multiple workers providing that site, systems and structural parameters permit. 

Our Force Management Technology permits the use of thin metal roof sheets and other roofing substrates as structural anchors, by limiting the forces in a system that are generated in the event of a fall to less than 10kN (2200lbs) through a built-in energy absorber.


Kingspan Safepro2 is a new innovative fall protection system, designed to protect both the worker and the roof panel to which it is fixed. Safepro2 is the only horizontal life line approved by Kingspan for installation on Kingspan panels.

For trapezoidal panels Safepro2 is fixed (through only the panel outer skin) using a small number of high strength rivets. This minimises the amount of holes in the roof panel and also prevents the problems of

over-torquing or backing-off found withscrew-fixed systems.

Kingspan Safepro2 comprises a high-strength stainless steel cable, supported on roof anchor posts.

Safepro2 is certified to BS EN 795 and all installations are compliant with BS 7883.

RoofSafe Rail systems

RoofSafe Rail is a quality extruded aluminium rail systemwith no brackets to pass over, the user enjoys a truly hands free experience. The system provides complete design flexibility and, uniquely, is capable of navigating corners and changes of direction in the building or structure.

RoofSafe Counterweight Anchors

The anchors can be used for attachment by a single worker and as part of a more comprehensive safety system, allowing them to move along the system and intermediate brackets without interruption. This provides a practical hands free solution for larger roof areas, where roof penetrations are not desirable.

MultiSafe Uni-8

A high quality product which represents excellent value for money, Uni-8 can, in typical circumstances, span up to 12m (40ft) between support brackets. 
Uni-8 offers excellent functionality through its free flowing bypass capability and can navigate corners and contours in building designs.

MultiSafe Uni-8 Overhead

The system consists of a horizontally mounted lifeline that spans the work area and is fixed at either end to the structure via anchorage connectors. The lifeline may be supported at regular intervals by intermediate brackets, which help to reduce the loads in the event of a fall, limit cable deflections and allow for longer single installations.

MultiSafe Uni-16

The Uni-16 System was the first permanent ‘engineered’ synthetic lifeline system to offer pass through components, corners and real user benefits. Uniline Safety Systems successfully commercialised the product around the world.

MultiSafe UniRail

UniRail is ideal for building projects, in particular for internal and external Façade Access, inspection and maintenance including walkways and suspended gantries.
It is also extensively used for suspended access work by rope access technicians, as it meets the requirements of both abseil and Fall Protection standards. 

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