Rostek Eyebolt Anchor Systems

Eyebolts are a simple, cost effective and discreet solution for protecting operatives when undertaking routine maintenance work, such as window cleaning. Conforming to BS EN 795 as Class A1 single point anchor devices.

With both types of eyebolt anchorage, operatives wear a full body harness and connect to them by way of a suitable shock-absorbing lanyard. 

As the eyebolt is intended to protect workers when exposed to a fall risk, it is essential they are able to connect to it from a safe area. The illustration provides general information on acceptable reach limits and further details can be found in BS 8213.

Our Eyebolts are available in galvanised, nylon coated or stainless steel and are suitable for installation to a wide range of substrates, including load-bearing concrete, masonry and steelwork and can be used for most standard applications in offices, hotels etc. where access for external window cleaning is needed internally.

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