Rostek Monorail Systems

Rostek’s monorail system comprises an aluminium track complete with either single or double suspension trolleys. We have a very wide range of monorail products and can offer the best strength/price ratio on the market.

Our 10 different monorail profiles can be installed with spans of 2.5m to 5.0m, depending on the rail used. The monorail brackets can be roof, face or soffit mounted.

For inclined systems, we offer the ROSLIFT system that can climb even vertically with full load.

Designed to blend with the architecture, each of our monorails are offered with a natural anodised finish as standard, but can be powder coated to a RAL colour of your choice. 

Our monorails are used in conjunction with a Rostek 2-hoist demountable BMU Cradle, the hoists enable vertical movement up and down the facade. 

Rostek suspension trolleys allow the cradle to traverse along the façade. 
These trolleys can be either manual or motorised, depending on the application and project budget.

Rostek Inclined Monorail Systems 

Rostek UK Monorail SytemsIncorporating the unique Rostek Roslift Climbing Trolley, our Inclined Monorail System can be fixed at any angle of incline, even vertically. 

Our unique RS127 and RS137 monorails operate in conjunction with our patented Roslift climbing trolley to provide access to curved, sloped or tapered façades and can be fixed to an incline of any angle including vertical.

Our Inclined Monorail Systems fulfil all latest safety regulations including EN1808.

The Roslift operates using friction between its wheels and the track. The system has been designed to work in all weather conditions, even on wet or frosty tracks, making Roslift an effective solution all year round.

RS127 and RS137 can incorporate horizontal twists and curves to match even the most demanding architecture.

As the system is friction based, the aluminium monorail will be supplied with a mill finish as standard.
Natural anodised finishes can also be provided if required.

A reasonable wear of the aluminium track is typical for all friction-based trolley systems, but our unique wheel system has reduced this to an absolute minimum. 

Our CE Type Approval Certificate confirms a life span of 1,000 cycles, corresponding to a 100 year life span if your building is cleaned 10 times per year.

Rostek Horizontal Monorail Systems

Horizontal Monorail ServicesThe Rostek Monorail System for facades is a patented product family including the RS111, RS133, RS133D and RS162 monorail profiles. These monorails will cover almost any application and can achieve bracket spacing of between 2.0 and 5.5 metres. 

We also offer a unique solution, allowing a travelling gantry and suspended cradle to operate simultaneously, passing each other freely on the same track.

Our monorails are normally top-fixed but also provide side fixing. This allows us to offer aesthetically pleasing solutions to match the architecture, all at extremely competitive prices.

When used with our CE approved two-person cradle unit, it can be installed at up to 3.2m centres, although wider spans can be achieved with lighter loads.

RS133D is our new monorail system which shares a very similar profile to RS133, but has no slot for side mounting. Removing this slot results in a much stronger rail that can handle larger spans than the standard RS133.

Rostek Bearing Monorail Systems

Monorail ServicesRostek’s tracks for Travelling Ladders and Gantries.

RS63 and RS129 are round tracks for use with Travelling Ladders, Gantries and Mast Systems. 

Our aluminium trolleys give our Gantries, Ladders, and Masts a smooth and stable run along the track line. 

The architecturally pleasing circular profile can be supplied with the following finishes -

  • Mill finish.
  • Natural anodised finish
  • Powder coated to standard RAL colours.

Rostek Concealed Monorail System

Fixed to ceilings or soffits, our RS110 and RS162 concealed monorail systems are virtually invisible when installed and are the perfect solution when aesthetics are of the utmost importance.

These profiles can be supplied with either a mill or natural anodised finish or can be powder coated to most RAL colours of your choice to ensure the monorail will blend in seamlessly to the building soffit.

Rostek Monorail Support Brackets

Based on state-of-the-art calculation and testing methods, we can allow high bracket spacings for a superior aesthetic appearance and low price. Rostek Monorail Systems require a very precise support system in order to ensure the track has the strength to support the loads imposed on it during regular use.

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