Rostek Cradle Restraint Systems

On buildings where the total descent is 40m or more in height, restraint systems must be provided to prevent any undue sway of the cradle when in use. Rostek-UK offers two types of lateral restraint system.
Rostek Suspension Rope Restraint Systems

Suspension Rope Restraint Systems comprise a series of permanently installed anchor sockets, fixed to the building’s façade. The height of the building and width of the cradle determine the number and position of these sockets.The first band of restraints should be no higher than 40m above ground level, with subsequent bands no more than 20m apart.Cradle restraint systems

On descent, the cradle will automatically stop at the first band of restraints, enabling the operator to connect short lanyards fixed to the suspension wires into the sockets. The cradle can then continue safely in descent.

Rostek Mullion Guide Systems

As an alternative to suspension wire restraints, a mullion guide system comprises permanently installed channels fixed to the building’s façade. Sliders, fixed to the front of the cradle, engage with these channels, providing restraint to the building’s face when either raising or lowering the working platform.

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